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Firman Allah, "Wahai manusia! Sungguh, telah datang Rasul (Muhammad) kepadamu dengan (membawa) kebenaran dari Tuhanmu, maka berimanlah (kepadanya), itu lebih baik bagimu. Dan jika kamu kafir, (itu tidak merugikan Allah sedikitpun) kerana sesungguhnya milik Allah-lah apa yang dilangit dan di bumi. Allah Maha Mengetahui, Maha Bijaksana" Surah An-Nisa' 4:170

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Turning A New Leaf.

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

A period of silence

Above is a screenshot of my FB profile. Zarith, kawan baik ana melaungkan kata2 yang sering pembaca2 blog ni suarakan - UPDATE YOUR BLOG, AZRI! Hehe, entahlah. When Im not in the mood to write, mmg tak boleh produce an entry. When was the last time I posted an entry? Mid august, i think. That was when i was ireland for my repeat exams. hehe... Sorry ah buat mereka yang ternanti2.

A summary of Me

Em, ape yang nak dibagitau eh? Lets see... Ok, Im now back in Galway, repeating a few modules of my second year. For this semester, Im only repeating Endocrinology module, so sedikit lapang la.. The last class for this module was on last monday, so now im free sampai lah final exam in December. Thats plenty of time to study! The rest of 2nd year students are having their CNS, Molecular Medicine, Genetics and Reproduction lectures which i have already passed last year. Alhamdulillah, I have plenty of time for my tarbiyyah. Im hoping to cover lots of pengisian2 that ive missed, and memorize some surah n hadis. Hope that the routine during Ramadhan will continue for the rest of the year.

I also joined the Sport centre in NUIG. I started going there to run, swim , stretch and build some muscles. hehe.. perut dah membesar dah ni, gotta lose some weight! I managed to find an appropriate attire for swimming - a pair of tights used for running (which covers aurat for males) and a short. I think wearing three-quarter pants is better, along with the tights. Nanti la carik yang murah2. huhuhu.. Tengah nak cari baju tight pula.

Im also moving to a new house. A friend of mine is going back to Malaysia for good, so i took his place. The room is very2 small - about only a quarter (yes, a 1/4!!) of my current room. Heh, that needs some gettin' used to. I dont even know whether all my stuff fits in that room.. But, alhamdulillah, I've been eyeing that house for quite some time now. Alhamdulillah, Allah answers my prayers. And the best part is, Im leaving my current house without any 'issue'. I played 'clean'. Selama ni i refused to leave that house because i think it is zalim for me to 'force' newcomers to fill my expensive room, but alhamdullah, in the end Allah send someone who willingly accept this room. Alhamdulillah again, Allah lah yang melindungi hamba2nya dari fitnah2. I've been living in probably one of the largest rooms rented by Malaysian student in galway for almost two years. And the rent is one of the most expensive too.. sheeshh.. It really affected my pocket!

Raya in Malaysia

Since the registration date for repeat student is the 30th of Sep, I stayed back in Malaysia to celebrate raya. It was AWESOME!! After two years celebrating raya in Ireland, I am more than sure that raya in Malaysia is THE BEST! My aunty who married an australian went back to Malaysia too! so I was able to meet my cousin, Hannah. Sangat2 comel! And she likes to play "Tickle2". hehe.. sangat sweet.. Hannah is the one wearing baju kurung warna biru laut. Isnt she pretty? This year, alhamdulillah, I 'tamat' tarawikh, along with puasa. hehe.. The first time ever. Maybe this be 'noktah bidayah as sahihah'. Banyak jugak dapat duit raya walaupun dah besar, lol..


Many people look at me with this 'sympathy' look, sebab i have to repeat my second year. But frankly, I am not sad. Before the result came out, 60% of my heart tells me that I want to repeat year. I felt that I have lots to re'study'. I feel that i dont know enough.. So, just want some time to get myself back together and study as hard as i could, so that when i start my third year, im in tip top condition. Yes, the first few days was appaling.. But allah has shown the many hikmah of my repeat. Since I was in Malaysia, banyak sangat benda yang berlaku and.. I now know that indeed what happened to me, is the best for me. So, to my dearest friends, I truly and deeply appreciate that you guys sympathize. But insyaAllah, I am stronger now - wiser - more mature - than I can ever be. Yes i know that i have lots to prove - to my parents and in-laws to be, sponsors, guarantor, etc. But insyaAllah, I will try to bounce back with a bang!

New hobby: Rubik's Cube

I was introduced to this addictive puzzle by Amin Shamsudin, when i was in ireland for my repeat exams. He played it while i was busy studying. After the repeat exams I started learning how to solve it. Now, I am officially a Rubik's enthusiast! hehe.. Well, my average is still mediocre - around 40-70 seconds and my personal best is just 34 secs. Ill keep on practising until I reach a sub-20 sec average. hehe..

I guess thats all for now. I hope that a new entry will pop out of my brain soon. heh..

Salam 1Akidah,
Azri Bohari


Anonymous said...

salam...just to say keep up the motivation to be a good doctor..x bmakna fail paper u cant be a good doc r8?? i like ur spirit..n one more thing..are there any clue to solve the rubic's cube??i tried to solve the puzzle but until now i cant..hhuhuhu

hamba said...

i wish i can tell my scholar i want to repeat my 3rd year..hmm..i too fell like i dont know allot still. Hey the cubic thing is addictive la.

budikolonjono.blogspot.com said...

wah gambarnya lucu.. di bali ya pak?